The flow of SP and Chat

I felt mild relief when the kills for skill points event finished. I had consistently logged in 6 of my pilots every day, and it felt like a bit of a chore at times. Having said that, I did end up being undocked a lot longer than I would otherwise have been.

I did not pay close attention to how many Skill Points I ended up gaining – it seemed to be a bit over 400K for each pilot, or ~1,300 for each Account.

Minmatar Shuttle – I like the Star Wars look

I used the bonus SP on my Main pilot on his Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration V training. I think I saved a bit over 6 days off the required total training time. On my Industry Alt I used it to improve their Orca piloting. One of my Scouting Alts picked up basic mining skills to try the limited Mining Expedition sites. Another Alt needed a boost to their basic combat abilities to handle High Sec rats better. The rest went into waiting for a rainy day.

The last phase of the Skill Event has now kicked off – you get skill points just for logging in for this weekend.


Last night I watched part of the very long Fanfest at home Livestream. I got though 8.5 of the 10 topics before having to secede defeat and go to bed. This was with Hilmar and CCP Burger.

There was a lot said, but not much said. I am sure you could go through it carefully and find many individual things to quote, but for me I took more notice of the overall vibe. Some of the notes I wrote down (in no particular order):

. It was felt CCP spent too much time focusing on future road maps, and not enough on the now and the game they currently had. (This was a little short sighted I think – as future road maps are how you are meant to take, plan and improve what you currently have.)

. Hilmar noted that the Invasion world tour was hard work, but that he found it unexpected useful to talk to players from areas he would not normally do so. He singled out Australian Players, and how they were able to impress on him for the first time the negative impact AFK cloaking campers could have on the game, something he never really understood before.

. They mentioned how Veteran players sustained EVE, but new players were needed to grow EVE.

. They had some 600,000 new accounts created last year (excluding those they felt were alts or bots and what not). 90% stopped being used within 7 days

(. Jin’Taan suggested in Discord the metric CCP used for this might have been overstating the numbers)

. These 540,000 unused accounts last year resulted in lots of names being locked. It is an issue they are looking at.

. They want to try to make it harder for Veterans in the game, but easier for newer players.

. They remarked that their research unexpectedly showed many of the longest-term players were those who helped other players in the game. (Is this blog helpful?)

. There was the occasional comment about how you can’t play EVE solo (I’ve always been recalcitrant)

. There was an interesting reaction from Hilmar to a screen shot of dozens of Titians sitting outside a station, and quite a bite in his comment about it being inappropriate how they could be stored safely without any maintenance cost

. Their negative mood against safe storage was brought up multiple times.

. I was distracted, but I think they might have said it was too easy for Wormholes to be rolled / closed / controlled.

. The Null Sec Blackout seemed more about the reducing ISK generation than the increase in kills

. Multiple times they mentioned how the economy was out of control, and that they are happy they have been able to reduce the amount of ISK coming into the game. (It is early days though.)

There was more, but that was as much as I noted down. They reminded us at a couple of points that while they have an input in the overall direction of the game, the actual implementation of these ideas was the responsibility of the Developers.


Meanwhile in game

I noticed on D-Scan something called Raznoborg Damavik.

Yadot has indicated they are the Recon’s Triglavians – with a different name and changes to damage type.

I have also been busy cleaning up some of my Cyno Caches. Most of my alts had strategically placed Cyno ships and supplies. They won’t be required anymore, so I’ve been selling them off.


I noticed on social media the suggestion that there is a new model for Jita in the data dump on SISI.

That is not a bad idea – have a bigger model for the main trade hubs – and looks cool.

X-CSM member Jin’taan put up a video discussing why in recent years around 40% of X-CSM members quit or dramatically reduce their time spent playing EVE.

Some makes perfect sense. Here in Australia we have had several political leaders lose their power for a variety of reasons, then almost immediately quit politics. It is hard to go back to not having the power and influence you once had. Other reasons are rather bleak, and don’t reflect well on his views on CCP.

In the comments another X-CSM member referred to suffering in and out of game stalking, harassment and threats.

A common thread in this and other such discussions I have seen is the view that CCP does not truly understand their game or their players properly. I say that here somewhat regularly.


Last of all – CCP have finally released the July Monthly Economy Report, and it makes for very interesting reading.

Instead of making this post even longer, The Ancient Gaming Noob –

And the Nosy Gamer –

.. have already done some analysis on the numbers and their posts are well worth the read.  I will just put this one graph here – the Top ISK sinks and Facets over the last 3 odd years.  Look at what the Blackout did to Bounty earnings.  Bloody hell.

What was I saying about there being a lot to discuss about in EVE lately..

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