EVE Portal 2019

The latest iteration of the EVE Mobile companion App is now available:


I installed it on my iPad and am mightily .. unimpressed.  It is in a fixed orientation (portrait) and a fixed (small) size, taking up only a fraction of the screen.  The interface is crowded with headings and field contents overlapping. It is just unpleasant to look at or use.

I installed it on my Samsung S8 phone.  While it is again stuck in Portrait, the resolution is far better and the app is usable.

It shows basic information about your character, SP Total, ISK and PLEX balance, current location and boarded ship, jump clone locations and availability and current implants.  You can see, add and remove or re-sort your skill training queue.  You can see and respond to EVE Mails.  You can buy stuff from the New Eden Store.

Not terribly important for a solo player, but I might leave it installed on my phone.


One thought on “EVE Portal 2019

  1. Managing skills from the app is a pretty big deal. I found myself tuning my queue at work today and have a feeling this is going to be my favorite pastime. I only just installed it today and the ship view is beautiful. I don’t mean to gush too much, as there is a lot more that could be done.

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