6 thoughts on “Blackout Gone on Monday DT

      • Less damage in general when i was trapped between asteroids in the belt. Normally when i need Kernite i stay in esescama , but left the system yesterday. I am using the alt now in a very quiet lowsec 0.4 system mining pristine jaspet. More safe and less delays (without station/citadel mining more jaspet today than some days kernite in esescama)

  1. As said elsewhere the damage is done. CCP reaped the Chaos they sowed – next 6 months will be interesting indeed. The question is have they done too much damage?

    • I have the sense that the reversal won’t undo enough of the damage done. The implementation had a nasty side to it – some PVP pilots and CCP employees gleeful and gloating about the impact. It wasn’t just a game mechanic change – it was allowed to become more personal. Fixing that required some other approach. Now CCP has added all those people passionate for the change to the group of pilots who are angry at them.

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