Elmis turned 13 today.

He has just under 280M SP.

He is currently training Amarr Titan IV, Caldari Titan IV, Gallente Titan IV and (you guessed it) Minmatar Titan IV.

His training queue is 331 days long. It is mostly Capital related, although I have no current plans to use them again. That is around the length of time he is subscribed for.

After re-creating his Party of Alts, he has 100B ISK in cash and 50B ISK in assets (approximately).

I have had bursts of busy periods in game over the last year – particularly around manufacturing. There have also been some quiet times where I have barely logged in.

I should make 14, based on Subscription alone.

I can thank (or blame) the blog for still playing. It adds a metagame aspect to EVE for me. In its own way it also adds a partial sense of community.

I am a bit ambivalent about EVE and my future within it. The game still offers so much promise, but after years of CCP stumbles and missteps, and the toxic input of a minority but vocal segment of the player base, I am weary.

I try – some days very hard – not to be a bitter vet.

2 thoughts on “Teenager

  1. 10 years for me. For me at least, the most important way to stay active is to make friends who make it worth it to log in and play with. I can run for hours (days even, in the case of siege defense) with the right people around me, so finding a group that’s focused on doing the activities you enjoy or haven’t tried yet is what keeps things fresh.

    No matter if it’s pve or pvp, I enjoy tinkering with ship builds. Engaging myself in new situations and activities expands my understanding of what ships are ideal for a situation, and hopefully learn something.

  2. Understand You. I ham a four year player here, three years ago i enter in null, one year ago i leave that again. My problems with EVe are puppet accounts in Forums and reddit. I check and sometimes ISD people let specific people broke the rules and direct attacks, probably CCP related non oficial accounts. They are toxic.

    If one are not goon, no much sense to mining. With trig recon squads, no much interest in multi barge/orca mining. My own money come of multibox mining i hi sec, selling compressed ore, buying uncompressed ore and compressingselling last 4 years.

    Now 12 chars with value for me, one toon purchased 150m SP and around 300m SP in all the others. 90 to 100b in items including an avatar titan and a nyx in lowsec, 9000 plex aprox, and liquid 10n and 20 extractors.

    By the way, i am now mining in highsec mats to do a revelation in lowsec. Next thing is get 220m sp toon with growth of my 150m one.

    But s9omething is not tight in CCP side.

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