When Skill Points lose their power

The kids have had their school holidays and we undertook the at least once in a lifetime obligatory pilgrimage from the southern states of Australia to the Queensland Gold Coast, to visit the Theme parks.

In the lead up I was too busy to log into EVE much, then I decided to leave my gaming laptop at home while we were away. My in-space structures ended up being left to their own devices for a couple of weeks.

We have been back for almost a week, and I am still not inclined to log in. Not even the oddly fast-tracked resurrection of the Skills for Kills event has had an allure.

I did notice the EVE September Economic Report is out.


I wanted to go back and look at the graphs I made last month. To make interpreting it trickier, the Null Sec Local blackout finished (mid-month on the 16th) and the new Cyno changes were introduced (earlier in the month on the 10th).

I added the September data to my spreadsheets. I am using the bounty payout amounts as a very rough measure of undocked activity across Null, High and Low Sec within EVE.

In September the bounty amounts collected were:

85.8% in Null Sec (17.4T ISK (against 51.8T in 09.2018))
11.8% in High Sec (3.7T ISK (against 3.4T in 09.2018))
2.4% in Low Sec (0.5T ISK (against 0.3T in 09.2018))

There wasn’t an immediately obvious rebound from returning Local to Null Sec as I was expected – although it might have arrested what could have been an even larger fall. The highest bounty earning ships in Null Sec are Supers – which now can no longer fit Cyno’s. Maybe this stifled bounty earnings while the Null Sec Alliances came up with new tactics and rules.

If I go back to eve-offline.net again, the average daily online user counts for the:

Last 12 months has been 30,000
Last 6 months has been 26,000
Last 3 months has been 21,000
Last 1 month has been 17,000 (19,000 last month)



This continues the downwards trend, but it does appear as if there is an increase in online pilots over the last few weeks, particularly on weekends.

Nothing entirely definitive, so we wait again for what October might show. I am guessing next month will see a bottoming out of the downward trends, and what should probably be an uptick. Of course that depends on the next version of chaos CCP try injecting into the game.

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