Please log in

Another bonus skill point week has started – between 200,000 and 650,000 free skill points per account for just logging in each day for a week.

CCP indicate it is part of the lead up to Halloween celebrations, but it is odd to see it rushed back so quickly.

Unlike the Skills for Kills event ( ) – which I haven’t bothered to collected this time even once on any of my accounts, I was enticed to log in for a couple of minutes to collect this bonus.  But that was all it was – a couple minutes to redeem then I logged off again.

A more positive reason for being online is that CPP have now made a bunch of ships warp quicker, and autopilot to also be a bit more efficient.

Wilhelm Arcturus goes into a bit more depth, but improvements of a third to a half for many medium to large ship hulls have been noted.

I’m not sure the Nestor, which has always been a nice Battleship to warp around in, was buffed to keep it in quite as a unique place.


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