Can’t recommend

CCP wants you to log in again.

There are 5 days’ worth of Halloween stuff to collect – including some skill points, fireworks, and some skins. It is active now.

One of the skins is for an Avatar Titan. I wonder at the thought process behind that. Let’s give every Omega Pilot a skin for a Titan that only a tiny fraction of them will ever have. CCP seems to view Titian skills as so rare even their EVE Portal App has reported my training in them as unknown skills.

Oh well, gift horse, mouth, and all that stuff.

The “Shocking” PVP event mentioned starts shortly – from 11:00 UTC on the 29th of October through to 11:00 on the 5th of November. Called trick or treat, 100% of the loot will drop from PVP kills. If you die, all modules and cargo drop. That removes the gamble from suicide ganking, so expect a lot more of it for a week.

You probably need to halve the value of any ship fit or cargo you are comfortable flying around in during Trick or Treat, or just don’t undock.

I had a moment of clarity regards EVE the other evening. I was talking to an x-player, who tends to come and go from the game. They mostly play solo, and like mining in High Sec and accomplishing industry type goals. They had heard that the game had become a lot less friendly to his style of play and asked if I would recommend it for him right now. I wouldn’t recommend it was my reply.

2 thoughts on “Can’t recommend

  1. I didn’t get the Avatar skin thing. What a complete waste of time and zero incentive for anyone to log in. Also, would it really have been that difficult to launch a Halloween specific set of skins? The Deathglow Hunters stuff was pretty nice, and not cheap, now everyone has them. Even a colour change would have been something, green maybe? CCP seems to literally be putting zero effort into encouraging people back into the game, and if they really think they are then they need to take a good look at who they’re taking advice from. Much of what they’re doing lately seems to be counter-productive and yet they just keep digging the hole deeper. The generic response from hardcore ‘fans’ seems to be a very blinkered “Hey why are you whining about free stuff?”… well free stuff is great, if you want it.

  2. I am probably in a similar camp to the x-player you made reference to. I’ve been playing two accounts with 2 mains (and the other trailing 4 character assignments) for a little over ten years. I find the game plays like a poor cousin of its earlier iterations now. Apart from the fact I cannot for the life of me get any keys to work after one of the ‘latestest’ patches/updates (so many mini patches now), which is effectively a game breaker, everything has changed and been skewed towards a totally different game-style. Apocrypha may well have been a less visually nuanced game with our rather minimalist character images and ship hulls (pre-skins of course), but I enjoyed it more.

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