Bounty Bounce

The EVE October Economic Report is out.

In October the bounty amounts collected were:

93.5% in Null Sec (41.5T ISK (against 72.5T in 10.2018))
5.5% in High Sec (2.3T ISK (against 4.1T in 10.2018))
0.9% in Low Sec (0.4T ISK (against 0.5T in 10.2018))

The expected rebound in Null Sec bounties occurred. The 17-month average for Null Sec bounties before the black out was around 64T ISK. The 41 Trillion Figure in October represents about 65% of that previous figure.

Back to again, the average daily online user counts for the:

Last 12 months has been 30,000
Last 6 months has been 26,000
Last 3 months has been 21,000
Last 1 month has been 20,000 (17,000 last month)


So, the decline bottomed out and started to reverse, and we saw an increase in 3,000 in the average numbers of users online at any point during the day. This would have been influenced by the continuation of the skills for kills event and the Halloween daily log in rewards but it is still moving in the right direction.

So, what does all this mean?

Overall, the impression I get is that EVE was in a general state of stagnation through the first half of 2019. In an unusually brave move CCP rushed in an era of Chaos to rejuvenate the game, starting by making the game more difficult for PVE players.

This saw an appreciable drop in activity, the slack not taken up (as I’m guessing CCP hoped) by the PVP players. CCP reversed and softened its changes, which halted the decline.

I think it is fair to say the game is still in the same state of stagnation, just now with less activity and less players than before CCP’s Chaos era started.

At this point CCP really needs to do something to rejuvenate the game. Instead, CCP – burnt again by their boldness (recklessness) have decided to play it safe. They are now calling normal ship balance changes chaos, suggest at a fairly blank road-map forward, while again focusing primarily on new player retention.

I understand statistically why CCP are doing this – but I suspect they are forgetting that any new players they do ensnare will join to find jaded and less loyal veteran players.

Anyway, that is what I think.

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