Dove too deep

CCP Falcon has left CCP. He does not appear to have a job to go to, but it seems to have been under his own volition. CCP are now looking for a new Senior Community Manager.

X-CCP Falcon and Hilmar were the very public and vocal face of the start of the EVE Chaos era. He wore his heart on his sleeve, championing the salvation of EVE through a glorious dystopian PVP blood bath.

And then reality slapped him in the face. In-game activity instead slowed, and CCP reacted by redefining Chaos into something rolled back and less chaotic like.

I am not a game developer; I play EVE in a solo centric way, and I sit in my comfortable study chair some 16,800 kilometres away from Iceland, but I have an opinion.

X-CCP Falcon ridiculed those into PVE while championed those into PVP. He, Hilmar and CCP repeated the same common misstep. They did not maintain focus on the symbiotic balance between the hunter and prey, the builder and the destroyer, the pacifist and the warmonger.

They should all go watch the Lion King.

The blackout could have added something meaningful and important to the game – if it had been refined. Have it applied just to Player Null-Sec. Allow the inhabitance of that space to build and fuel structures that allow them to turn local on (or switch it off when it suits). Introduce Ship classes and modules that interact with Player Null-Sec Local – Burst Pulses to temporarily show Local, or Analyzers to temporarily hack structures to turn it off.

Choice and counters for both prey and hunter, an adjustable and changing landscape, a better differentiated Player Null Sec, more dynamic interactions.

If CCP wants to arrest the games stagnation and slide they need to have people as brave and as passionate as X-CCP Falcon, but with a sharper, more inclusive focus.

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