(My consumption of EVE related media tends to be sporadic and varied, so don’t assume what I remark on here covers a fraction of what might be worthwhile.)

I watched the 2019 EVE Vegas presentation by CCP Larrikin on Data and Botting, which was uploaded to YouTube a few days ago.

I wasn’t a fan of the slow speed of some of the animated graphs used during the presentation, but there was plenty of interesting things shown. It was cool to see Australia punching above its population size for things like Titian ownership and mining volumes, but rather shocking to see how overly impactful US based players are on the game.

Some examples of what was shown:

This graph shows the average daily Character PVE incomes in Sov Null Sec from Q2 this year. It is grouped in 10% ranges, so the bottom 10% of characters earn less than 10M ISK a day while the top 10% earn almost 700M ISK. Look at the curve of the graph, and how the highest incomes are skewed towards a relatively small number of players.

This graph instead shows the average daily PVE incomes in Sov Null Sec for Characters viewed as likely to be cheating. Note instead how linear the income is. That makes sense – assuming they are using similarly effective bots, the income might come down more to how long they are run each day. The likely cheating accounts are all earning substantially more than normal players in the same percentile.

And then you have the same sort of information – grouped in 25% income ranges across the last half year. The blackout reduced the income of the bottom 75% of Sov Null Sec PVE characters by between 38 and 43%. It reduced the income of the top 25% earners by only 12%. That was an unexpected worsening of the already unequal income distribution.

It was pointed out that the richest players in EVE do not do PVE. They were described as a minority of very smart players who “value add”. That is an interesting term. I expect many are traders – who buy at low prices, pay others to move stuff around, and then sell at high prices. Technically they don’t really add much aside to their own wallet and extra inflation.

In the end CCP Larrikin said it was time for a discussion amongst players and CCP about what they can do to change this unequal income distribution.

2 thoughts on “Inequity

  1. “Australia punching above its population size for things like Titian ownership”
    When I lost mine I looked at ways to replace it and cash to plex was an option, but the exchange rate fell apart and that was the end of that dream… The high number could also be explained by the age in game of the average Australian player. We tend to stick around.

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