The Raznaborg NPC’s have had a surprisingly negative hit on my EVE play time.

I abandoned finding a Gnosis fit that could Combat Scan and Tank / Kill 5 of them. The fittings were getting too expensive. I ended up with a Claymore Command Ship with a dual rep Shield tank. That enabled me to kill them safely and easily – when I could find them. (They have a knack of turning up when you don’t want them, not when you do.)

As expected however their salvage prices quickly tanked, and there is little incentive to clear them as they just immediately respawn somewhere else in the system.

I think I read a comment somewhere that suggested they might have been nerfed a bit, but they still appear to hit hard enough that it isn’t worth mining anymore. The regular interruptions and damage dealt make them far more irritating than other players.

Similarly, I stopped doing PI. The Raznaborg Triglavians also hunt Custom Offices. Using a Transport Ship means you can tank them fine as you turn around and warp away, but my lower SP Alts have trouble in their T1 Industrials.

Mining and PI were both casual endeavours that tended to hook me into proper play sessions. Without them, I play EVE noticeably less.

Woe is me – the nasty NPC’s require me to concentrate 100% of the time undocked in High Sec. The thing is, I regularly need to step away for a minute or two. I am forever at the front door seeing family members off or letting them back into the house. Life is full of short interruptions and I need to be able to walk away from the game for a minute or two. The cycles of docking and undocking end up being too much of a drag.

I also anchored a second Structure – an Astrahus, 1,000km off but aligned with the Azbel.

Welcome Solitude to the Hermit Collective.

Solitude also racked up my first Structure kills – working unlike the Azbel did to clear Raznaborg NPC’s when I notice them.  (Yes I know the target painter would help, but I was checking the logs for just how much of a difference there was with using it and not using it.)

I regularly find them shooting at my Structures – giving them odd little red paint jobs as they subsequently repair themselves.


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