A flat bounce

The EVE November Economic Report is out.


In November the bounty amounts collected were:

93.9% in Null Sec (39.0T ISK (against 70.0T in 11.2018))
5.3% in High Sec (2.2T ISK (against 3.8T in 11.2018))
0.8% in Low Sec (0.3T ISK (against 0.3T in 11.2018))

Back to eve-offline.net again, the average daily online user counts for the:

Last 12 months has been 29,000
Last 6 months has been 25,000
Last 3 months has been 22,000
Last 1 month has been 22,000 (20,000 last month)

So, it looks like the downward trend was arrested by CCP with taking the chaos out of chaos and a regular flow of login giveaways. This rebound however has plateaued at or just below where it was before the start of Chaos. Not yet the overall rejuvenation being looked for when they started down this path.

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