Who’s to Judge

If you are logging into EVE, you will already know about the Naughty or Nice festive event. It includes 13 days of daily log in gifts.


I have been mindlessly dumping these continual giveaways over the last couple months into a container and ignoring them. I went through and sorted them the other day.  There were some great skins I quite liked and ended up activating, and both my paid accounts had received over 1M free Skill Points. That adds up to Billions of ISK value if I was to use injectors to get the same.

I have been recently using the Triglavian HAC – the Ikitursa. It can be fit with a decent cap stable dual armor rep tank and does a lot of damage once it spools up. Very expensive to buy and fit though.


There was a long 8-minute Scope video released a couple weeks ago.


There have been more changes to the new Triglavian PVE. Apparently, it is now possible for players to pick a path that allows them to support the Triglavians. I wonder how many people are using the new PVE?

Now with the introduction of the new Triglavian Dread and related skill books, I can no longer fly and fit every ship and module in game. I’ll rectify that – but not any time soon. The prices were astronomical when I last looked.

Last quick note is this little disruption announced after release by CCP:


Big changes to Null-Sec ore availability and quantity. A bit of Chaos that might have a useful impact if balanced right.

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