Your own EVE Video

If you have been active in EVE between January 1 and December 1 in 2019, and had an Omega Sub for a month or more, you might have received an Email inviting you to watch your own personalised EVE Video.

214,712 other email addresses would have received the same email..

.. and it appears lots of them have already tried clicking on the link.


5 thoughts on “Your own EVE Video

  1. I thought it was a phishing email at first until I saw the comments on Reddit. My video fired up first time and considering I had a reasonably quiet year it held some surprising facts like 4,000 jumps and 15,000 warps. Apparently I also sold 130,000 units of Pyrite and got podded once šŸ™‚

    • I was a little disturbed to find I was in amongst the top 20% of active pilots for jumps and warps – given I thought this year was my least active since I started playing.

      • Similar here, i was in top 2% of many things, and by the way, i mine actively in a procurer now, only ONE account, for the triglavian ships-. I travel by far, less than before.

        Alts : 38
        Jumps : 19640 ( top 2 % )
        Warped: 61516 ( top 2 %)
        Visiting : 818 Systems (top 9%)
        Market Transactions : 3229 (top 10%)
        Most Traded Item : Tritanium 265763700 units
        You Gained 162,785,560 skill points (top 2%)
        You had sucess with Industry
        You Mined 1971786859 ISK ( top 19 %)
        Manufactured 1301 items
        Exported PI 564,622,476 ISK
        Podded 7 times.

      • Some nice stats there. 38 Alts!? I came in front of you in two areas – I exported more PI, and I did not get podded. I would have lots of work to catch up otherwise.

  2. I was able to play mine right off the bat when the email landed, but now, later in the evening, as more people are clicking, I am not able to play or download my video or any of the others posted to Twitter. (Which I am sure boosted the load.)

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