Previously I’ve done small posts on each of the 2019 August through November EVE Economic reports. I looked at the split of NPC bounty payouts between Null, High and Low Sec, with commentary on the impact the Chaos era (particularly the introduction and removal of the Null Sec Blackout) had on in-game activity.

The December Economic Report is now out.


Unfortunately, it dropped the graph I used for details on the split of bounty payment across types of security space. While I could probably work it out from the data files, I won’t.

The total NPC Bounty Prizes paid out is still available. In December it was 43.9B ISK – an increase over November of 5.8%, but still below the 23-month average of 55.8B ISK.

The eve-offline.net statistics have also improved a little, the average daily online user counts for the:

Last 12 months has been 29,000
Last 6 months has been 26,000
Last 3 months has been 23,000
Last 1 month has been 23,000 (22,000 last month)

That is certainly better than the 20.2T ISK of bounties and 17,000 average user count back in September, when the Chaos influenced activity drop got to its lowest levels.

While there was a big bounce in October and smaller improvements in November and December, by these simple measurements, activity in game has still not managed to return to pre-chaos levels.

I hope the improvements continue, but at the moment CCP seems to have lost players they have not been able to entice to return or been able to replace.

Oddly, my home systems have been busier than usual. This has included the return of several Corporations I had not seen around for years. The income from my POCO has also increased notably. My quiet backwater seems to have bucked the trend.

Unless something changes drastically, I probably won’t do these particular posts again.

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