The nerf to Asteroids was larger than I expected. CCP is really going after their target of mineral shortages.

People are complaining, although as most of them are Industrialists, the yelling isn’t quite as loud or as vicious. Ironically Carebear tears seem less salty, although I don’t doubt their resolve is similar to those doing PVP.

People seem to be forgetting that this is just a phase. It will probably take a few months, but CCP does aim to return with a new mineral resource allocation scheme that will become dynamic.

Maybe players should just make the most of the chaos. Squeeze maximum profits out of the stockpiles. Adapt.

More worryingly for me was this little remark on Dunk Dinkle’s short summary of the Feb 7th CSM Update.

“Extended discussion around the EVE ecosystem and ways to change player behavior”

That is where I feel CCP is truly at risk of destroying their own game. EVE is meant to be a sandpit.  CCP should be focused on providing a wide range of well balanced tools for the players to work out how to use as they see fit.  Their incessant attempts to manipulate their players is annoying and alienating, and is eroding what made EVE special.

Meanwhile I am busy warping all over 5 different regions, picking up all the minerals I purchased.

5 thoughts on “Salt

  1. I agree, on TS tonight one of our Indy guys was hittin his stride about just HOW effed up this is goon be in the long run and I chimed in with an explanation of the 3 Phases (read past the 2nd paragraph) and his reaction was, “Really? Where did you get that?” I told him and he said how he doesn’t really follow the metagame… huh, surprise, surprise.

    I think CCP is just tryin to keep things from getting stale… and yes, they run a risk doing that, but it’s a risk worth taking IMHO for a game of EVE’s age. We are creature of habit we humans… we like the Known and Expected especially if the Known and Expected is a Win Win after years of gaming the game and min/maxing everything. I think the most important quite in the Dev Blog is: “This step [Shortage phase] will also allow all the factors that should be considered during the creation of the dynamic system to be listed.”… DYNAMIC. Ponder what that means and how mining could be made DYNAMIC… IE NOT Static… interesting ideas are bubble away in my brain… I feel a hint of an old forgotten excitement… I wonder what CCP has in mind for us… Hmmmm

    You know, sometimes you gotta throw out the old cat poop and pee filled stinky sand and put in some fresh clean NEW sand in the sandbox… but the cats never like it while you’re dong it.

    (PS IMHO, I think the “Red Dot” is just a distraction device…)

    • I had not considered that lots of players won’t have read the DEV Blog – despite it being mentioned in EVE’s socials and on the Launcher front screen. That might explain why some are so angry…

  2. I, being a nerd w/ some serious OCD, have ALWAYS read everything I could get my hands (or eyes) on about anything I get really interested in, like EVE… that said, (forgive me Hermie) but being also a very social player I know that “most” players just don’t do this. Imagine if everything that happened in the game came as a surprise…

    For many if not most, this game is a pastime, granted a very intense and engaging pastime, but still… Think on it, “Burn Jita” would have fizzled if a majority of the playerbase kept up with the metagame to any useful degree… Heck, my son, who has flown with me since the before time, doesn’t even read his father’s blog… sheesh. =\

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