Can we have some more?

CCP have announced that in late March all Battleships will get a Frigate Escape Bay fitted.

It will hold one fitted Frigate, be that T1, Assault, Electronic Attack or Logistics.

If the Player’s Battleship hull gets destroyed, “instead of being ejected in your capsule and left helpless, you will launch immediately back into combat aboard your Frigate!”

Assuming they get the timing / transition right, I applaud this.  Not because it will likely make a difference to my game, but because I feel this is the sort of change CCP should be focusing on.  A new tool for the sandpit.  One with a myriad of different ways for players to use, abuse, or stuff up with.  One that changes the game and makes it more unpredictable, but probably without tricky balancing needed.

It gives me a glimmer of hope.  Can we have some more please?

One thought on “Can we have some more?

  1. Agree, agree, agree! This is a FUN change… and EVE has lost it’s fun. Good on CCP for taking a chance again. Remember when CCP lost it? Why they backed off doing NEW things, FUN things…? Incarna and how WE responded to it. We c=scared CCP, we threw such a fit we made them back off, and back off they did.

    THIS is what CCP Seagull was trying to do. To make, if I may, “Apocryphal” changes and ADD stuff to the game while reiterating and balancing in the background. Kudos to Hilmar and I hope we don’t eff this up again because CCP is trying to do their job.

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