And a little more we get

CCP are re-introducing the Christmas Jump Filaments – but this time making them a permanent part of the game.

The filaments jump a fleet of players directly into a random Nullsec system.  There will be 6 different types of Needlejack Filament, that will be able to move 5, 15 or 25 players. Some will be found in exploration sites ready to go, others will need to be built from BPC, and some will be given out during events.

They will be available in less than a week.

I imagine this could aggravate some who live in Null Sec – they can’t defend against these with choke points, Intel channels or mapping opening wormholes.  On the other side it is random, and the pilots using these can not peep through or retreat back like a wormhole.  Null Sec residents quick to form response gangs might find it a source of extra PVP.

Even I can see a use for these – randomly dropping me in Null Sec to do a bit of ratting or exploration.  I would just be hoping to land in a quiet area of space instead of a populated one.

Though this isn’t a brand new feature, I think it becoming permanent adds something overall positive to the game.  Good stuff CCP.

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