Yes Again

This is another bonus skill point weekend on now – March 13 through 16.

It is reported as “the last one of this Quadrant”, which isn’t that meaningful given the quarter is almost over.

Regardless, worth logging your toons in for.

I continue not to do much in EVE. Once or twice a week I am logging in to haul another load of Minerals or Fuel. The value the EVE client gives to my stockpile suggests – even through coming late to the buying party, I could make a tidy profit if I re-sold now.

Instead of EVE I have been playing more DDO, watching old series of Midsomer Murders, and stocking up for the inevitable Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdowns and isolation’s.

There has been panic buying of toilet paper here in Australia. I haven’t seen it stocked on the shelves of any of our three local supermarkets for 12 days now. With our own supplies getting low, I was up at 5:30am this morning to get to the 6:00am opening of a nearby Woolworths.

I followed in a large line of people who were waiting for the doors to open. I would estimate within the first 10 minutes more than 100 people went through the store, buying a packet of toilet paper like I did. From the constant line of traffic arriving, I expect the store would have sold out before 6:30am.

I find it all rather fascinating – in a disappointing sort of way. At this point most stores have a 1 packet of toilet paper per transaction limit, which most people were adhering too. Still – a number were carrying arm loads, and a couple had filled trolleys. They ignored the glares of staff and fellow shoppers and did not appear to be stopped from making their purchases.

I’ve remarked before how EVE is an interesting window into how people behave when societal norms are relaxed. Low Sec Pirates have nothing on the demented determination of someone low on 3-ply.