Death will be the life of us

CCP continues down the path of thinking that if everyone dies more often their game will be resurrected.

To that end in the Surgical Strike release on April 15, they are reducing the effectiveness of ALL modules that increase shield or armour resistances by 20%.

They start off by vomiting some crap about how it will improve Capital balancing and reduce Logistics effectiveness, but who it will mostly hurt are solo players.

If I had any doubt about the wisdom of the change, there were the magic words from CCP – “There is excitement here about this approach”.  Most times CCP get giddy with excitement, they are about to do something that damages their game.

Anyway – as you can see the bitter overflows.

On a brighter note, CCP have some log in bonus going on between April 9 through 16 that give out some nice looking emergency vehicle skins.

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