Celebrating Generosity with Generosity

As mentioned a post or two back, the latest bonus for logging in event starts shortly.  Details are here:


You can see a picture of some of the skins on offer, which I quite like the look of.

In game I am consolidating some of my assets.  I am grabbing them before all my Haulers become easier to Gank.

I’ve also started to gather some of the flotsam I’ve left laying around from my various projects and whatnot.  This includes lots of ships I really can’t be bothered reviewing the fits of.  It is amazing how quickly these things start piling up.  I will sell most of it off.

EDIT.. Unusually, the Frontier Safeguarder skins are activated automatically, and are not placed in your inventory.  I am not sure I like that, especially given some of the skins you get will be randomly allocated.  I am guessing they might add them to the New Eden store later for PLEX for those wanting the complete set..