Sucking lemons

Three days ago, I sourly pointed out that CCP were going to reduce the effectiveness of all Shield and Armor resistance modules by 20%. I immediately knew it would have a big impact on the risk verses reward calculations I do in EVE. My Haulers will be easier to gank. How much less value can I now (relatively) safely haul? My mining ships will be easier to gank. Does this make certain fits or hulls less viable now? All my PVE ships will be easier to kill. What content might that impact me running? Does it reduce how much bling I fit to those ships now that they can be ganked easier?

I will have to review and likely change the fit of almost every ship I own (aside maybe some of the Hull Tanked Ore ships).

CCP has since put out a follow up Forum post.

In it they indicated it was not their intention to make suicide ganking easier or cheaper. That suggests they did not foresee that consequence. Anyway, I’ll have to shake my head at that and move on. They are planning to increase Freighter HP and will investigate the state of High Sec ganking to see if they need to make further changes. That means if they remember to look at Industrials and Mining Ships, and you lose enough of them, they might do something about it down the track.

CCP also said they were concerned about the viability of high end PVE after the Nerf. They are assuming people will have to swap out damage mods for more tank, and as a result income generation will come down. They are going to monitor if this is all that happens. That means if you lose enough PVE ships, they might do something about it down the track.

So once again the game is changing in a way you suspect the developers didn’t really think through.  If it upsets enough people, they might revise their changes some time down the track.  It seems a very odd business model.

Meanwhile I have been flying around a new toy.

The Bowhead can be flown using the MWD / Warp trick, so doesn’t feel as cumbersome as a Freighter. It can also be tanked better. It does bring up the quandary though – what value of ships is somewhat safe to haul in it?

Strangely it is so large that it doesn’t seem to sit nicely in the hanger. I can’t scroll in or out with it, and because my hanger is offset, at certain angles it won’t all fit on the screen