Surgery with a hammer

The Ancient Gaming Noob stole my thunder with his faster posting, pointing out the mismatch between the Surgical Strike name and some of the changes it introduced.

I had written some related witty critiques, but they now seem all too second hand.

I wrote down the pre-nerf EHP of about 25 of my more commonly used ship hulls. With Pyfa having been updated quickly, I’ve been able to go back and compare pre- and post-surgery figures.

Almost every ship has lost Effective Hit Points, but generally in around the 5-10% mark. I may be able to claw some of that back with fitting changes. The patch notes point out that the resistance nerfs –

     Does not include resistance rigs or damage controls.

I might be able to add Extenders and Plates and move some resistance to rigs.


There were however some – Oh Good God – impacts.

My Bustard (Deep Space Transport) EHP dropped from 115K to 93K.

My Impel (Deep Space Transport) EHP dropped from 118K to 99K.

My Obelisk (Freighter) went from 419K to 503K.

My Orca was hit to a less extent, with EHP dropping from 520K to 493K.


Unfortunately for me my most used hauler is the Impel. I’ve done some early refit investigations, but the results are not looking good. What a massive nerf.

The Obelisk buff is noticeable, but I don’t tend to fly it that much. Mostly only for high volume but cheap cargo.

All the above is obviously remarked on from my biased perception around how I play the game. Capital owners – where the initial impetus for these changes was kicked off from, will likely be gnashing their teeth somewhat more.

Most oddly, the higher number of Suicide Gankers I was noticing all Easter Weekend went – at least initially – quiet immediately after the update.  We shall see how long that lasts.

2 thoughts on “Surgery with a hammer

  1. Never worry about seeming second hand. You collect your thoughts here and what I write shouldn’t impinge on that. But yeah, using “surgical” in the title of such a blunt instrument of an update did let the response write itself.

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