When a log in bonus is not

CCP has started yet another daily login reward campaign.


This one has been changed / adjusted yet again.

On Day 1 my accounts got random Boosters.  You have 14 odd days to use them, and once redeemed, they are automatically applied.  My Omega Accounts gave +3% Boosters, the Alpha Account +2%.  The first increased Armor Repair bonuses, the second added to the Optimal Range for something, and the third, I don’t know what it did, I stopped paying attention.   I think they last for all of 15 minutes, plus whatever extension your Biology skill provides.

My Omega accounts also got 6,000 of 150,000 Skill Points, which would only be allocated when the full amount of points was accumulated.  The Alpha account got 2,000 of 50,000.  If the amount remains static, that would require another 24 days of logging in.

How many Login Campaigns can you do before you have done too many?  Is it better to have no login bonus campaign than to have one which is completely underwhelming?  These are questions I would like CCP to consider.


7 thoughts on “When a log in bonus is not

  1. Imagine if there was a pack, some sort of collection that a player could buy that had in and out of game items.
    Imagine a card that goes with it and a promise of mystery gifts for the next TEN years!
    Imagine a company that promotes such a pack with the words ” This is just the beginning of what the Mystery Code will unlock. In the future, whenever we have big things happening—not just across the EVE Universe but across all CCP games—you will find a Mystery Code element to enjoy “….. I don’t need to imagine. I fell for it, one for both of my accounts.
    If they can flop hard(I have more choice words) on a product like that then there is no hope of redemption. CCP really has to do a lot to raise the bar. So far that bar is only going lower and lower, and all they do is trip over themselves blinded by the PvP explosions they want.
    I’d not subbed for over 2 years, nothing they did with the game was making me want to sub. A friend got me back for a few months this year but that’s fun with an old corp mate(even at that I was hard pressed to pay).
    CCP does as CCP does; Like the new daily login ‘gift’ there’s no point in asking why.

    • I have one of those mystery codes too. It was apparent right from the start it wasn’t going to lead to much, so I set my expectations extremely low. CCP didn’t have to hand out gifts constantly, but they could have once in a while done something little and cool. Instead they seem to get grumpy when people raise it. Another lost opportunity for CCP.

    • Ah, the Mystery Code… Maybe some day it will cough up another SKIN or something… if there is anybody left working at CCP that even remembers the code. Maybe it is time to start another thread on /r/eve.

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