Day 2 and Trolled

Day 2 of the latest Login Bonus Campaign and I was surprised to see a Frigate Blueprint being given to my Omega Accounts, and a Frigate Module Blueprint to my Alpha Account.

The gift read as, and in the redeeming system looked like, a BPO.  That turned out to be a CCP troll.

What was redeemed was a non-researched, 1 run BPC.

In other news, I safely unanchored my Astrahus.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the 7 day unanchor timer?  Once or fifty times you say?  It had just been sitting idle.  The experiment was done, I used the structure fighters to kill some Triglavians, and I had nothing else left to do with it.

It is still a somewhat stressful process – trying to remember about it 7 days later for starters, and making sure it is not obvious what you are up too.

I have almost finished my move.  I have a bunch of fuel to shift, a couple of Alts, and a few clones.  I’ve been frequently scanned while going through Gank choke points and left alone – so my level of caution has so far paid off.  (At the cost of so many more jumps.)

I saw another somewhat scam during my move.  Passing through a system in my Freighter I had someone try to initiate a private chat.  I dismissed the request, but a few seconds later another popped up.  I thought to myself “I wonder what he wants to talk about” – then realised the second request was not a plead to please chat – but a duel request.  If I had not been paying attention and entertained his chat request, I would have been down one Freighter and 700M ISK of Fuel.  An obvious trick, but I hadn’t had it tried on me before.


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