Day 10 and still being Trolled

The daily login in prank continues. I have taken to not redeeming the items. A silent, unnoticed and ineffective protest – just because.

It seemed I timed the removal of my Astrahus well.

On May 26 with the Forsaken Fortress update, all those abandoned Structures will become easier to kill loot pinatas.

Structures that have not had any fuel consumed by a service module for 7 days will move from Low Power to a new Abandoned state.

In this abandoned state there are no reinforcement phases – so it can be destroyed in one session. It will not provide tethering, and there will be no Asset Safety.

I hope the killboard operators bump up system resources before then.

I do not understand why CCP did not do this earlier. In fact – it should have been in place from day one.

I do have two concerns with the change.

The first is the 7-day period. It should be 14 days, possibly a bit longer. Allow for people to make the mistake of not fuelling a structure before they go on Holidays. 7 days is however a very CCP type of time frame.  I guess they also don’t want the system to be played, where people bring a module online for just an hour (costs 3 days of fuel from memory), to extend the low power period.

The second is the lack of a viable smaller tier of structures for solo or small corporation use. I find the current structures are not really a viable fit for casual play. It is hard to consistently generate enough planned content from them to justify the ongoing cost (or risk). This change makes it even less viable.

I prefer this change to exist than not to exist, but I do wish there were smaller, limited and scaled down versions of structures. At the very least, to allow me to flag my Corporation / Alliance as being able to be War Dec’d, without having to maintain one of the current structures.

4 thoughts on “Day 10 and still being Trolled

  1. I have been longing for smaller structures. Unfortunately CCP doesn’t want us to play individually or in small groups for that matter. Wonder if Forsaken POS will become a thing?

    • I’m afraid the solo / small group players are a statistical anomaly to CCP.

      I have a bunch of POS BPO and fond memories, but have not used one for ages. CCP converted some of the previously useful BPO into utterly useless (and seemingly unsalable) Structure related BPO. I had vague hope they might have been saving the conversion of the other BPO into some new smaller structures, but I expect they just haven’t got around to finishing the clean up.

  2. FYI you can do a bare bone station using towers with passwords so nobody can go through the shields..cheaper Fuel Blocks consumption too.

    • True – but I haven’t gone down that path as I have had the expectation / been waiting for POS to be removed from the game. I wasn’t expecting them still to be an option after all this time.

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