I have better post something. WordPress starts doing odd things when I try to like or comment on other people’s blogs if I have not refreshed my login credentials.

It is after 8am Saturday morning here. There is a beautiful clear pale blue sky. The forecast is for a sunny top of 17C. We are about halfway there, with the temperature slowly starting to rise after getting down to 4C overnight.

My wife and son are sleeping in, while my daughter is playing Roblox upstairs. I hear her chair clunk and bump against the desk as she mindlessly wriggles and squirms. I am logged into EVE, although not undocked.

I am looking at the skill points I was awarded from the Omega Daily Rewards Logon Campaign. They redeemed into my hanger, but I do not seem to be able to allocate or use them. I have made derogatory comments regards the login in campaign being a troll.

The day I got the unusable Skill Points I also got a Tier 4 Omega gift. This was a Signal-25 ‘Needlejack’ Filament. Unnecessary for a solo player, so I intend to sell that. It was the first thing even partially worthwhile handed out during the campaign so far.

I was reading the Ancient Gaming Noob earlier, who did a post on having to think about ISK generation again.


Yadot made a comment which matches my view for what a casual player needs to do.

“I think the key to Isk generation is consistency. Not specifically what you are doing, but making sure that you are always doing something.”

I have used the term Osmosis earning, although it is not really a great analogy. The gradual, unconscious, accumulation of wealth. I might spend 5 minutes a day running one or two low level exploration sites, do 10 minutes of mining, then play with a couple items on the market. Day to day the ISK generated is trifling. But you get the occasional good drop, and because you are active in the game you come across the odd opportunity. Without realising you are earning a few hundred Million ISK a month. Not enough to PLEX your account, but enough to have some fun with.

I have not been following those rules of late, but I have had some luck. My experiments with building and using Structures turned an unexpected profit. My Azbel for example sold for 1B ISK more than I spent on building it. While I came late to the party, I flipped some of the minerals I stockpiled when it became apparent CCP was moving into a phase of resource scarcity, for another 1B+ Profit. Plus of course with moving to a new home in EVE, I have been selling off some excess ships that I had tested or experimented with. Some of the Faction modules I used have doubled or tripled in price.

I will continue to tinker in EVE a bit this morning, but I believe we are going to visit my wife’s parents this afternoon. They live about an hour away, but we have not visited them since the start of the year. My father in law had a heart scare and operation, but we could not visit him afterwards as his immune system was compromised. Then COVID-19 suddenly became a thing. We can visit now – if we maintain social distancing and really, really, really need to do it.  The look on my wife’s face suggests we do.

One last thing.

Stupid Pop Vinyls. I only purchased one to see what all the fuss was about.