Promising just what

The Forsaken Fortress release should arrive tomorrow.

As per its name, the keynote feature is an addition of an Abandoned State to Structures. If fuel is not consumed within 7 days, a structure will move from Low Power to Abandoned. In that state it loses all reinforcement phases (so can be destroyed in one sitting), tethering stops, and asset safety is turned off.

I have remarked before that I do not believe 7 days is long enough. That makes it too easy for someone on holidays / a casual player to lose large proportions of their assets just by being away from the game for a relatively short period of time.

The loot pinata aspect will ensure plenty of High Sec War Dec’s will be coming.

I guess the lesson is to only use NPC stations for assets.

I have already unanchored my structures. I have a Raitaru and Astrahus, with fittings and consumables, in storage, but have sold off most of everything else.

I am not sure on the exact timing, but we will also be getting Chapter three of Triglavian Invasion story. In this one CCP has been promising player influenced, game changing impacts. I am intrigued but a little dubious. There can be a disappointing gap between what CCP promises and what CCP delivers.

From what I can remember, a conglomeration of CONCORD, the Empires and Upwell have created EDENCOM to develop the mechanisms and means to defend against the Triglavians. Part of the 17 years of EVE celebrations involved players defending EDENCOM sites from Triglavian attacks.

Over a number of months players will be able to pick a side to support and earn standings with EDENCOM or the Triglavians. During this time EDENCOM will be releasing technology to help defend systems, and the Triglavians will release technology to help attack systems.

The outcomes of player involvement will “change the landscape of EVE forever!”.

I can envision the sort of things CCP might be thinking about here.

There is a suggestion all types of players can get involved. If the stakes are high enough however, such as changes to NPC Station safety, it is likely the handful of Null Sec Superpowers will decide for the rest of us what path is taken.

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