Build Named YC Month Version

Wilhelm Arcturus remarked on CCP’s changing Patch Note titles in one of his recent blog posts.

For many years now I have stored information about EVE in Microsoft’s OneNote. Looking through the list of patch notes I have saved, there have indeed been many changes to how they are named. Early on the patch notes referenced the Build number, then the release name, then the out-of-game date, then the in-game date, then the out-of-game date, then both release name and out-of-game date, and now CCP have moved onto using a version number.  Quite the OCD trigger.

The patch notes for version 18.05 – Invasion Chapter 3, are long but rather light on.

There was a long list of name changes for Shield and Armor resistance modules. They are now called Shield Reinforcers and Armor Reinforcers, plus the easier fitting / lower capacitor T1 variants picked up the standard Prototype Compact and Experimental Enduring names.  I would not normally remark on this, but there were a lot of changes (up and down) to the effectiveness of various faction modules. Worth revisiting your fitting tool to check for any impact on your tank.

Usefully CCP have now added a History tab to the Market Orders window. Less useful is the initial history did not include a date.

The change to make un-fueled structures easier to kill is now live. I do not imagine that required a great deal of coding.

What I assume did require plenty of coding is this one line entry:

“The next chapter of the Triglavian Invasion will unfold over the coming months.”

I wonder how many players engaged with the first two chapters of the Triglavian Invasion? How many are going to engage with this one? If you do not go out of your way to look for it, is it just going to pass you by?  (Aside whatever consequences someone else decides for you?)  I wonder just how much bang for its development buck CCP will get.  Time should tell.


To mark this momentously vague occasion, CCP released a set of skins so that you can show your support for the invaders or defenders. I quite liked the look of the Kybernaut Clade (invader) skin range – for their visuals, not who they represent; but starting at 250 PLEX they were too rich for me.

I have never quite worked out how CCP prices their skins. Obviously the larger the hull, the more expensive the skin tends to be. If a skin covers only a small range of hulls, it also tends to be more expensive than a skin that covers a wide range of hulls. And of course, the more fancy / brighter / garish the skin, the more it can tend to cost. That all makes some sense, however the price rarely seems to line up with how nice the skin is. I know that is subjective, but there are some crappy looking skins that cost a lot of PLEX.

I remarked recently that my first Skill points from the disappointing long-term daily log in bonus campaign failed to be applied to my characters. It was remarked on in the forums as a bug. The skill points were meant to have been added recently, although I am not entirely sure they were. The useless SP containers have however been converted into an amusing collectable:

I chuckled at the thought of someone trying to extract the skills of a Fedo.