Early Stages

There is a little bit of initial information (or misinformation) available to be gleaned about the final stage of the Triglavian invasion.

As before, you can find the sites (closest?) in the Agency.

The systems targeted for invasion start in the Stellar Reconnaissance phase. There are EDENCOM and Triglavian assets in the system. You pick which side you want to fight for and go find / kill the opposite faction.

As you can imagine, there are plenty of Capsuleers lined up to fight for the Triglavians, wanting to shake things up in the game. Initially the Triglavian side won a number of the Stellar Reconnaissance phases – but the Triglavians then seemed to immediately pull up stumps and depart.

There were suggestions that it might be buggy, but CCP indicated via Social Media that it was behaving as expected.

There has been at least one system where the Triglavian side won the Stellar Reconnaissance phase and moved into the Escalating Liminality phase. This is Raravoss, in Domain.

The security status of Raravoss is now reported as being 0.3 – or Low Sec. That will make it more difficult to fight on the EDENCOM side. Of note, Raravoss has a Blue Sun.  It has been reported / alluded to by some of the Lore players that the earlier Triglavian invasions favoured such systems.

We do not as yet know what long term impact a Triglavian win will have on the system, if it becomes permanent, or if it can be liberated later. Given a High Sec system has been turned into a Low Sec system, even if temporarily, it suggests the stakes are higher than I thought they might be.

Meanwhile EDENCOM have two systems in the Fortress Phase.

I flew over and looked at Seiradih. From the outside the system looked like it was still being invaded.

There were a couple Triglavian cruisers on the Jove Observatory, but otherwise the system was empty. There were suggestions that there would be EDENCOM structures around the system, but after ensuring I was not missing anything in my overview settings, I could not find any.

Again we don’t know if a Fortress System means the Triglavians will never again attack it, or if it is just some temporary status.

So what impact will it have if the Triglavians only try to take over systems with Blue Suns?  I looked at all systems in Domain, and many with Blue sun’s are a little off the beaten track or can be side tracked. Some however are choke points, such as Niarja, and the little system called Jita.

I could imagine a real effort would be made to have Niarja fall to the Triglavians. Imagine if the Amarr / Jita trade route was permanently Low Sec, or Abyssal Space, or some other variation of not as “safe” as it now.

If your home system has a Blue sun, you might want to consider where you leave your assets until the invasion is better understood.

4 thoughts on “Early Stages

  1. Couldn’t help but see Osmon (SOE level 4 mission hub and hi-sec Ice belts) on the list. I’ve got a lot of assets there for missions/industry; I’ve no plan to move anything. Even if things do change permanently(Existential crisis imminent) there’s still NPC stations and asset safety, so time and expense for recovery etc… What happens happens but if CCP make things change via this type of ‘event’ then players will adjust to the next handy location/base/hub and way of doing things. The courier routes change and prices go up. Production chains are altered and prices are increased for everything. Or players quit the game. End of it all CCP will then target that next location/resource/or meta ship and round the cycle goes again… It’s almost like CCP is a persistent sandbox bully poking players to play the game their way.

    • I agree it follow’s CCP’s “you will lose your ships, you will be forced to play with other people, and you will like it” approach to the game’s development.

      I don’t know where CCP is heading. I would guess the Invasion will be permanent, but the impact on each system will be temporary – a week, a month? Having said that – I got it wrong when CCP turned a High-Sec system into Low-Sec system during an invasion.

      If these end up being permanent changes – with the Triglavians attacking each system (even if only with Blue Stars) once, there would be all sorts of impacts. Agents will have to move, or be dropped, or converted into Triglavian. Trade Hub links will be broken. People’s assets will be lost or trapped. If Triglavians subtract from the security status of a captured system but it remains above 0.5, then there would have to be a Triglavian version of Concord. There would be many more land locked Hi-Sec Islands. It would also make it likely that Null-Sec will visit to ensure every possible Triglavian invasion is a success, to maximise the impact. The mind boggles.

      I must admit I don’t really look at all this with excitement. I am waiting to see if these changes make it impossible to enjoy the game solo / casual or not.

  2. I think CCP is near to do a great mistake. I bet many players quit over this if is permanent. As far i Know less agressive rats now in other systems, but nul lsec is favored. I think the all in a corp mentality suggested is not going to anywhere. Sico/ Conoco are examples or not good corporations for known reasons. The Quality Of Life changes of High sec is dropping steadily, the taxes changes are not too big, but less commere because the risk of 2% drop price in each change price. The TTT getting a % is not balanced but understable. The fact Actual CSM Brave , dunk dinkle dont going for the next year is for me a hint not of personal reaons, more of game reasons.

    My plexes were used when the 15% offer (425 plex month), but i think my time in space the last month is near to 1% or less of the time i do past months. The PI / trigs, the not fuel easy destroy, the hypernet spam anywhere, make High sec more harsh than before. If they mix the login campaigns with the COVID extra logins, i think they cant have a educated guess of the people who go to pay subscription or r buy plexes when COVID is less dangerous. Some people now in RL have money issues or begin to have money issues.

    This cant be Worst than the blackou, but new platers / high sec version.

    If i begin to play now, instead of 5 years before, i assume i go alpha forever mining in venture and flying Raven/nereus. No much sens in invest money if not the current money/time already invested.

    • CCP seems to tie a contentious change in with log in bonus period. As you said, it makes it difficult to ascertain what results the change truly had.

      On the plus side – you might be right. I haven’t noticed any roaming Trig frigates on D-Scan in Hi-Sec local just recently.

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