Breaking Immersion on Jump

The new jump animation is live.  Watching your ship scoot down the warp tunnel is one of the dumbest, immersion breaking visuals I’ve seen in the game.  I detest it.  Sadly I couldn’t find a way of turning it off.

The first system to fall into the Triglavian Final Luminality status is Raravoss.  During its move through Escalating Liminality and initially into Final Liminality it was given an effective security status of a Low Sec system.  I looked then, and the security was being reported as -1.0.  Null Sec now?

It still shows as a 0.6 system, just with an additional icon and tool tip that indicates CONCORD has reduced its security status.  There was also apparently an invulnerable EDENCOM Cyno Jammer in system, stopping anyone jumping in capitals.  That makes me wonder at its permanency.  Having said that – CCP posted an image on Facebook of the system’s Blue Sun looking very unhealthy.  Maybe the system will be destroyed?  Lost forever?  Time will tell.