Missed Content

I logged in today for a few minutes.  I noticed a strange red crossed swords symbol in the corner of my EVE client.  Turns out my Alliance had war declared on it a few days ago.  The aggressor’s BIO suggests they can do mercenary work, while their kill-board suggests they don’t do a great deal of it.  They had reinforced my POCO and about 30 minutes before I had logged in destroyed 3 of them.  Missed content.

The last POCO comes out of reinforcement tomorrow.  Not sure why the timing was so different – it shouldn’t have been.  There were 14 Leshaks, a Nestor and Damnation on the kill mails, and the the POCO were taken down in around 10 minutes.  Not much I could have done about it even if I was aware it was happening.  Maybe I could have got some screen captures?  Never mind.

I have remarked many times that I earnt little ISK from them.  The tax rates were set very low, the minimum possible (just so I could see who was using it) if anyone asked for standings.  Actually, I think it was barely higher than that anyway.  For quite a while the 4 of them combined would only earn 1 or 2M ISK a month.  I haven’t paid them any attention, and I haven’t used them myself for quite some time.  Looking at the Planetary tax income it looks like I made 40M across the four of them in the last month.  That could have been a record.  They might have finally paid for themselves!

I am partially bemused by this turn of events; and slightly embarrassed that anyone relying on them will be inconvenienced (and likely charged lots more tax).

3 thoughts on “Missed Content

  1. Myself dont use Pocos more, when the triglavians attacked my masteryv freighter i know the PI was not more for High sec. Already sold all the PI mterials i had, and one character in brave for do PI hen i need compelling to do so. By the way, only logging to refresh queues nd not undocking , and not planb update my blog in the near future.

    • I believe the roaming Triglavians across all Hi Sec Systems have stopped. Now they can just be found in the invaded systems. I felt they were too over powered for Hi-Sec, and I got out of the habit of mining or doing PI. I’m not inclined to start them up again – enjoying some downtime away from EVE at the moment.

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