Safe is a word

I have always thought (and occasionally remarked) that because I write a public blog on EVE that I should leave myself in a position to be War Dec’d. Just in case I annoy someone that much.

To be eligible for the war declaration system in EVE you need to have a structure anchored in space. These are all the Upwell Structures, POS, POCO or Sovereignty Structures (iHUB/TCU).

With the loss of my POCO, my Alliance / Corporation can no longer have war declared against them. Similarly, I cannot declare war on anyone else.

I have considered what I could do to rectify that – but I think I will have to overturn my rule. I am not a fan of the Upwell Structures or mechanisms for solo players. I used an Azbel and Astrahus for a while, but they were not a positive addition to my day to day game. I could hunt down a POS, which are still on the market, but that will be a short-term fix. I thought they were already meant to have been phased out.

So, for the moment there will be no wars for me. Suicide Gank if I get too annoying.

On the plus side I had an extra 10 ships sitting around prepared for POCO defence, repair or take down. Selling those off will make it easier for me to flee a Triglavian invasion.

(As an aside, I did send an Alt over to check who anchored replacement POCO. It was the attackers. I have noticed a lot of POCO are owned by Pirate / Merc organisations. I said when I first took the planets that they were already on borrowed time. It took 7 years and a third War Dec for their time to run out. Much longer than expected.  The pirates are charging 6% additional taxes.  Cheaper than the average 10% everyone else is in system.)

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