Which basket to put the Eggs in

The only real thing on my To Do list now is to get into a position to be able to respond to any invasion of my home system by the Triglavians.

Most Hi-Sec systems which have fallen are in dead end locations or border Low-Sec. While I have historically lived out of dead-end systems, I am not currently. That gave me a moment of comfort, until I realised Raravoss was neither a dead end nor low-sec border system.

For the most part my answer is being able to flee. With a small effort I got my main Alts in a position to carry everything they owned in an Orca. Since they all have an Orca, that had them covered. My remaining niche Alts tend to only have a couple ships and a small collection of spares. I am working on ensuring they can all move in one or two trips. If two trips are required, I have ensured a Jump Clone is available.

That leaves my Main. The loss of my POCO made the task easier. I ended up being able to sell off 8 ship hulls that were setup just for defending the POCO, leaving a couple PVP ships laying around, just in case. I still had my unused BPO collection, and all the Gift and collectible Memorabilia, and a bunch of ships I do not use but are keepsakes. These I have decided to move into a Trade Hub.

No guarantee they are any safer there, but given the uncertainty, it seems a slightly better choice over any other option I can come up with. When I have finished that process (almost done) I will review what is left and try to get everything into a couple Orca.

As always, this decluttering is cathartic.

Not for the first time I was listening to a newly returned player last night who was in shock. They logged into the game to find they had lost everything but the ship they were sitting in. Think about that. Lost everything. The rules around their Hi-Sec Citadel had been fundamentally changed while they were away from the game not paying attention, and it had been looted. Another person in the channel chortled and gloated over the obscene wealth they had pillaged in High Sec.

I got the impression the returned player become an x-player while I watched.

On the home front we are halfway through a second COVID19 lockdown that will inevitably be extended. The kids are back to remote schooling. We remain comfortable within the house and have been able to adapt to the ever-shifting rules. The normalcy has however taken substantial effort and chunk of spare change, something the kids seem to just take for granted.

4 thoughts on “Which basket to put the Eggs in

  1. I do some similar moves of items and sell all the others, currently the chunk of my ships are nin a system with many statios in Doamin, near Amarr, and in other system i have around of seven Orcas and Exhumers for my Miner efforts.

    I dont undock last two months, only updating the training queues, three omegas, one is payed for five years before the Raravoss changes, other for two years and the last to December. I plan to hold training but no see at the moment reason to undock, manufacturing commerce or mining. My main shcok was the triglavians overpowered in a 1.0 system near killed a perfect Obelisk in a POCO, and next the changes to market with the heavy commissions for change prices, going to the keepstar in perimeter context and bad mobility of many items in JITA.

    • While pricing battles occur less often, people don’t seem to have stopped them. I was recently trying to sell off 1 item in Amarr. I put it up at a fire sale price. Someone with 100+ items, dropped their prices by 10% to undercut me. I undercut them by another 10%. (I was not selling to profit, but to just clear crap.) They undercut me again. It went on for a while. It must have cost them a fortune in fees compared to me, but they didn’t seem to care. That sort of thing happens regularly, despite the big fees to change prices.

      • I already sold all my crap , but save some spare pieces and maybe have something following the changes in some ships (turret and battlecruisers i think). I build in the past for sell it, but with no profit is no good idea to do so. WHen five tru do more damage to my Obelisk than dozens of Gankers, and with the market changes, i dock. I only use the market some days before because one VNI of mine was in ichoriya (trig flipped system) and move the new items to other system and move my pilot to that place.

        Bad times.

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