Fanfare – No Choice For You

I was chatting to a friend on Facebook earlier when I heard this strange fanfare music building in volume.  It took a few moments before I realised it was coming from my EVE client, which was logged in at the time.

On the client was a notification box congratulating me on being an Omega Account.  I thought that was rather odd – but shortly after I got an email saying my EVE subscription renewal was successful.

Has CCP always processed renewals without sending a reminder first?  I thought I always received a notice.  Maybe I only got emails because the card had expired, or the account was active but not subscribed?  Had I just rarely gone through an automatic renewal because I would pick up sub extensions when they were on special and not run out before?

Also – why had they renewed my account for 3 months?  I have almost always paid for 12 months at a time on my main account, including most recently?

Now I am left wondering if this is some deliberate business decision from CCP to trick you to stay subscribed, or just my failing memory?

Regardless, I feel a little irritated.  I have two Active/Omega Accounts and one Alpha Account.  I will unsubscribe both Omega accounts so that I can pick and choose if, when and for how long I resub in future.

I have had to take a very neutral attitude towards EVE for some time now.  You could say I am one step back from being ambivalent.   I try to ignore the decisions CCP makes as they double, tripled, quadrupled down on their belief that focusing on PVP players and loss will save and grow their game.  I do little things in game that amuse or interest me, even if they are nothing to write home (or blog) about.

It is on days like today however that I have to stop and ask myself just what am I doing.  What does it say about me that I play a game that I find a little more aggravating than it is fun?  A game I have to maintain a level of disinterest in, else I get too frustrated and rage quit?

Anyway – I’ll have to think about it more in three months, when I am reminded that my unsubscribed account is about to run out of Omega time.