New Club

I noticed this tonight.

I am in the 300M SP club.

(Well – technically I am not.  That total includes unallocated SP, which I have a bunch of again from all of CCP’s giveaways and Log On bonuses.  But – close enough!)

I am missing a few skills at the moment.  A number of the Vorton related ones, along with the Edencom Battleship and Precursor Dreadnought skills.  They are either hard to find or too expensive to buy (when you have no good reason).  Otherwise every skill I have is at rank 4 or (more often) 5.

I remember logging in at ridiculous hours back in the first couple of years, excited to make use of some new ship hull or fitting.


A couple short items from my blog notes.

I was reading Dunk Dinkle’s blog the other day.  He was on CSM 14.  This comment on what he learnt while on the CSM caught my eye:

“CCP looks at EVE Online development with two key goals in mind: bring new players into the game & generate revenue.  CCP is a business and they need to continuously grow. Whether players want to hear it or not, catering to the person who has been playing for 5+ years is not CCP’s primary goal. Development is always going to prioritize work that directly influences the new player pipeline over other needs in game.”

That has been apparent.


I was reading a recent post on Nosy Gamer’s blog.  A related comment caught my eye:

“..EVE Online. The game experienced a 31.9% increase in revenue QoQ and a 26.8% increase compared to Q2 2019. The $3.9 million increase brought the total EVE IP revenue up to $16 million for the quarter. While Pearl Abyss credited efforts to shore up the player base as a leading cause of the increase I would credit both the lockdowns associated with the CONVID-19 pandemic as well as the relaunch of EVE in China on 27 April as larger factors.”

Interesting words from Pearly Abyss – “shore up the player base”.  Is that newer players, or do CCP’s statistics show they are keeping more (I assume) PVP players?  Surely the COVID19 impact however would have to noteworthy?


For as much as I have been dismissive of CCP’s efforts, the statistics so far suggest I am wrong.  I don’t think I am – but I am certainly looking at things through Bitter Vet tainted glasses.