Niarja – the chokepoint system on the trade route between Jita and Amarr is currently under attack by the Triglavians. Initially the Pro Triglavian forces appear to be winning.

The Hi-Sec only trade route between Jita and Amarr takes 10 jumps. If Niarja is lost to the Triglavians, the Hi-Sec only trade route turns into 46 jumps. I have expected from the start that Niarja would more likely fall than not. The thought of so many Hi-Sec tears would be a strong motivator for many pilots.

I had already consciously made the decision to base myself on the Amarr side of Niarja.

I wonder if it will become a defining point in the game?  What will be the stronger mentality – saving or destroying such a key Hi-Sec system?  It will be interesting to see how it pans out.

I have let my second account lapse into an Alpha state. I will resub when I have a need to.

I noticed that as long as I did not select a character to log in with, that I kept getting Omega Daily rewards. I waited a couple of days to see if things would change, then deliberately broke the state by logging in. Now the account is on Alpha Daily rewards. I thought CCP would have rectified that sort of thing by now.