Triglavian Vessels Everywhere

It is hard not to notice the proliferation of Capsuleers flying Triglavian Vessels. During my recent culling of excess ship hulls, I kept almost all my Triglavian ones. While they can be a little expensive to tank, the flexibility and damage of their Entropic Disintegrator weapon system is notably strong, and I like their utility high slots.

So, it came as no surprise to see CCP announcing they would be balancing the Triglavian ships on August 25.

I went to check out the damage in the forums..

.. and found mostly some light touch changes and some buffing. The only notably nerf was to the Drekavac Battle Cruiser, which lost Drone Bay size and bandwidth. Funny enough, that was the only hull I had discarded as there were better options elsewhere.

Overall, not what I was expecting.


I did a little research on what impact the “loss” of Niarja would have on travel between Jita and the next 4 major High Sec trade hubs. It turned out the increase from 10 to 46 jumps between Jita and Amarr was the only impact. Dodixie remained at 16 jumps, Hek at 20, and Rens at 26.

The route from Amarr to Rens would not change – being 21 jumps. Dodixie however would increase from 17 to 35 jumps, and Hek would increase from 21 to 27 jumps.

That would make Amarr much more isolated.  It would not surprise me if it lost its place as the second largest trade hub.  I probably should have done those calculations earlier.


With the Niarja invasion (which is quite close to where I currently reside), I thought I would test my evacuation preparations. They failed. Even though everything fit within a Bowhead and Orca, I still had to split loads and make multiple extra trips, else I was making myself an expensive loot piñata. I need to further dramatically reduce the amount of spares and number of active ships I use.


As I remarked, I let my Alt account subscription lapse. CCP sent me several warnings before that happened. That suggests they are quite capable of warning me before taking money for a subscribed account. I am such a cynic.

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