The closest I lived to Jita was in Tasabeshi. This is in The Citadel region, just four gates from the famous 4-4 station. All things considered it was a relatively quiet constellation, with the Muvolailen gate usually clear.

It was brilliant for buying and refitting ships, but it was my least favourite home in EVE. I found it; soulless is probably the best description.

Because it did not pay to draw attention to yourself, there was little banter in Local. The regular inhabitants were not particularly hostile, but (understandably) they were more suspicious of other pilots than anywhere else I had lived. It also felt more as if everyone was in it for themselves. There was no chivalry when it came to exploration or mining.

While I purposely play EVE as a hermit, I still prefer some sort of shared amiable community.

I found EVE more enjoyable again once I moved back to Devoid / Domain.

I did however come away from my stay near Jita with a weight problem. My collection of ships and fittings I would rarely use had grown. I had started a process of reviewing and shedding assets when the impact of the Triglavian invasions became more apparent. With the need of being able to quickly relocate and travel further distances, my asset selloff has accelerated.

The value of my ships, spares, and memorabilia on my main pilot is now down to around 4B ISK. I can not remember when it was last that low. I have one Orca configured, fitted out and loaded up as a mobile home. I am pleased with how that worked out. My second Orca can hold everything remaining, aside from two ship hulls. That was what I was aiming for, and a success in kind – but the problem is the value of that load is far too high. It is an obvious target for ganking. I do not want to have to split the load to make multiple trips – the whole idea is to be able to flee an invasion quickly. There is more work to be done there.

There is also the separate problem of my BPO collection, which is worth an additional 5B ISK (not factoring in 99% of them being at ME 10 / TE 20). I guess I will move them in a travel fit Interceptor. Low risk if manually piloting and not travelling far, but an embarrassing kill mail.

I have sold off 20B ISK of assets in Amarr over the last month, with another 5B ISK on the market or waiting in station for me to post it. (God that is a chore.) I have covered hundreds of different items. My initial impression of the market since the fall of Niarja has been most prices have gone up, and most items are selling noticeably quicker than I would traditionally expect.

I think Amarr might get to having supply / availability issues quicker than I had assumed. It has a touch of “COVID19 toilet paper” about it. While it means I am making a bigger profit today, I wonder what it will mean in a month or two? Will local manufacturing step in and up (the prices make it worthwhile)? I fear not.