I have been trapped in Amarr selling off assets. I would normally use my Industry Alt for such a task, but I let her lapse into an Alpha state.

This has meant my Main Pilot has had to hang around, researching values, putting up hundreds of different types of items on market or contract, and repricing as required.

It has been quite a painful chore and sucked up my time for many weeks.

I am almost at the point of being able to relocate my entire home quickly, but I am not quite there yet.

Today I undocked to do something else for a change.

One of the ships I want to keep is my Porpoise (ORE Industrial Command Ship). The problem is its size. At 400,000m3, it fills an Orca’s Ship Maintenance Bay by itself.

What I am probably going to do is allocate it a jump clone and shift it around separately to the rest of my assets. Setting up that jump clone was on my To Do list and my goal for the day.

I have a bunch of clones around Tasabeshi, so I jumped to one I had no other use for, and then ducked over to Jita. It ended up being an unusually blingy clone. Probably not the smartest of ideas given Triglavian’s can pod kill.

While at Jita I set up another Pacifier (Covert Ops) to bring back to Amarr. I am thinking of using them for my Fast Shuttle needs instead of Maledictions. The Pacifier warps faster, has more cargo space, can use a Covert Ops Cloak, and has more usable refit options than the Malediction does, at least in Hi-Sec.

I returned from Jita to Amarr via the long way – some 44 odd Jumps. It was relatively quick in the sped-up Pacifier, even with a couple pauses to research Invaded systems.

[ 2020.09.05 09:53:10 ] (None) Undocking from Jita IV – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Assembly Plant to Jita solar system.
[ 2020.09.05 10:23:11 ] (notify) Requested to dock at Amarr VI (Zorast) – Moon 2 – Theology Council Tribunal station

This trip is where I realised I have been docked up too long, and not paying as much attention as I should have. Embarrassingly so.

I had noticed that the Invasion information in the Agency did not always add up, and I had travelled through nearby Edencom Fortress systems and found them still flagged as Invasion sites. On my way back from Jita I ran into Minor Victory Invasion Systems, which are not mentioned in the Agency.

These are invaded systems, but neither side (for some reason I do not understand) came out fully victorious. In a Minor Victory system both Triglavians and Edencom maintain a presence – with each having sites spawn, but the victors also roam and possibly deploy sentry towers.

And herein lies a problem. I am not sure how to identify in game who the Minor Victors are.

You can see an invaded system in the route planner.

In the above route you have

. Barira – Edencom Fortress
. Sasta – Edencom Fortress
. Jark – Edencom Fortress
. Aldik – Triglavian Minor Victory

They all look the same, they all give you warnings of invasions before you jump into them – but only one here is a danger to me. And a danger they are – with plenty reports of pilots being killed in tanky or quick to warp ships to Triglavian Sentry Tower or roaming fleets.

There is a third-party website that lists the status of invaded systems – although it does not appear to be fully up to date.

It helps – but as more and more systems fall, it is going to become a shitfest to workout where you can travel safely.  I’m not sure my concept of moving around in Orca’s is going to work.  Is the answer to go sit in an Edencom Fortress System?

I am starting to feel more trapped than I was before!  More research is needed.


13 thoughts on “Trapped

    • I wonder if CCP is working to a plan – or if this is just deliberate chaos?

      I can see a situation down the track where living in Hi-Sec becomes more difficult than in the space of one of the well organised Null-Sec Empires! 🙂

      One of the things I have liked about playing EVE is adjusting to the changes in the game and working out ways to minimise loss. CCP’s changes over the last year or more have been about greatly increasing the chance of you losing assets, without initial warning or ways to avoid it. That ends up not being fun.

      • To expand – This morning I transited through Bei which was an EDENCOM Minor Victory. No problems, went to Jita and came back without issue, nothing on the gates. Fast forward 6 hours and take the same route only to find a lot of corpses and Triglavians as I jump in from Uttindar into Bei. It is still an EDENCOM Minor Victory and I am sure the Nerus who got instascrammed next to me wasn’t too happy. It is the end of travel in anything with more than 2.5 sec align time. It really is becoming unfun.

      • In my initial reading the suggestion was the only roaming NPC’s in a Minor Victory System would be the Victors – but I keep hearing examples like yours contradicting that. The Triglavians lock so quickly, and do so much damage, that the average hi-sec player moving around is dead if they by chance run into them. That is CCP’s version of fun.

  1. Many people of my country leave for the trapped situation. Currently i see many markets in regions vanish, i am reducing my pilots form 36 to 27, only three accounts omega. I sold three characters, biomass 12, and creating some for fill empty holes. Reason: Regional markts too thin, and can use 9 accounts in a good HD TV 4K if my two monitors fail

    • I am not sure the impact will be straight forward if traders can not haul too or from Jita. It should still be possible – in smaller volume and at greater risk – but what happens if less people shop there? Regional markets might improve a little as people make and sell things more locally? Whatever happens, it likely becomes harder to source materials and equipment in Hi-Sec.

    • 🙂 I think the site is an excellent resource – but it seems to be a little behind status changes (hours / a day?). That’s enough to cause ship loss. It will also likely become unwieldy as more systems fall and you try finding safe routes such as between Amarr and Jita.

      • I agree, If I DO have to travel somewhere i tend to park up in the system before hand if I can, get the corvette, go in, check out the gate, if ok then go back to my parked ship, trash the corvetter and go through… so less than ideal but better than losing a potentially espensive ship/cargo

  2. I consider myself lucky that the only ships I use in my line of work are less than 2s align. I’ve even been through fully invaded systems with zero issues, but there’s something I noticed in every fully-invaded system I’ve been through: they’re all dead. Some of these systems were once bustling, as they were systems you would end up in through missions from nearby level 4 security agents. Those agents are all abandoned now, because no one wants to turn-down missions over and over, or risk moving a battleship into an invaded system.

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