I See NPCs

As I watched the NPC gate camp in Gammel there were a couple Triglavian aligned pilots that kept warping in and off grid. Each time the NPC’s made another kill, they would swoop down to loot and salvage the wreck and collect the body.

I wanted to see how much they were making from these kills, but none turned up on the Killboards. Many Pilots, Corporations or Alliances with a semblance of interest in PVP have their kills automatically uploaded to Killboards. The fact that these did not hints at the losses probably being skewed towards Newer Players / Traders / Mission Runners / Miners etc. In other words, Hi-Sec Carebears.

This is the direction of asset redistribution CCP seems to have been focused on for some time now.

The Killboards did show evidence of what I had seen (and read about) – of players gaming the NPCs. Just as Suicide Gankers draw off Concord from gates, there were repeated Corvette kills from the same pilots on gates suggesting players were artificially increasing the size of the NPC Gate Camps.

Looking at the salvaging destroyer losses (they flag themselves when they loot), I think most were collecting 1 to 10 Million from each wreck. Not brilliant money, but it would add up. There were enough 100+M drops recorded on gates to NPCs that I expect the looting could be randomly lucrative, and worthwhile over time. From the Destroyer fittings, it is relatively low cost and easy ISK.

As I flew around the Triglavian Minor Victory System I saw plenty of NPC’s camping stations and structures, and lots of their sentry guns anchored all over the place. They apparently lock quickly and do a lot of damage


They will effectively stop you doing much of anything in system unless you get positive standings with them – or have an Alt with positive standings to be able to move your assets out.

The Edencom Sentry guns were anchored all over the place in their systems. They were just as busy which would make them unworkable to live in if you had negative standings with them.


As I flew around these systems however, I was taken aback by just how many NPC’s were all over the place.

There were everywhere – all around the structures, in the belts, on the gates. They fought each other. Some shot at structures. They scanned or drained or goodness knows what anything near them. It was all terribly busy and left me with a vibe that was – I’m not sure how to describe it – off putting.

I am not sure I would enjoy living in a system owned by Edencom or the Triglavians.

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