Elmis turned 14 today.

That is 5,114 days of game time I have paid to CCP. Obviously an anomaly, as the Carebear Hermits are not in the demographic of players who stick around or spend money.

He has 304M SP.

That is an increase of 24M SP from last year, all from normal training and login bonus handouts.

He is currently training all the Small and Medium Weapon Specialization skills from Rank 4 to 5.

His training queue is 247 days long – a hodgepodge of nothing else specific.

He has around 120B ISK in cash and 15B ISK in assets (approximately).

His wealth has dropped around 15B ISK over the last year. While I made no effort to increase my wealth over this time, that drop gave me pause. Market fees and taxes played a part. I spent 1.5B ISK on those in just the last 30 days selling off assets. I burnt fuel running a couple structures. I made several charitable donations. I purchased several expensive skillbooks. I spent ISK on SKINs. The value of the assets I do have seem to have dropped, especially the PLEX. I guess it all really adds up.

I am doing whatever happens to interest me in game, mostly exploring the changes and additions as outlined in the patch notes. There is nothing I am particularly passionate about, but I have spent more time logged in this year than last.

My Bitter Vet level is probably unchanged from this time last year.

To 15?

2 thoughts on “14

  1. Hard to break the cycle of Eve life. Becomes easier to do after CCP changes things(after change, after change) that effect/put off a player in game or in principle. Once I stopped auto-renew/sub I had no subliminal pressure to do anything in game. Other games, better fun.

    • I have not found EVE to be genuinely fun for many years. It is more a mildly interesting distraction. With so much to be worried about in real life, sometimes that is all I need EVE to be.

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