Drawn and Quartered

CCP continues its resource shake up, shake down, reduction, shortage, redistribution, meaningfulness, poverty, tears, thingamabob they have been doing for a while. They have now announced details of the resource distribution changes coming in Mid-October.


It is worth checking out if you do anything with minerals in the game.

It is a substantial shift, making various mined mineral’s exclusive to different security zones, and excluding others. Titanium for example will be found in Hi-Sec, but excluded from Low-Sec, Null-Sec or Wormholes. Hi-Sec however loses access to Isogen, Nocxium, Zydrine, Megacyte or Morphite.

There are additional changes to the number of asteroids you will find, and the volume of minerals found in them, which seem to be overall a further nerf.

CCP hopes to make players poorer, increase the destruction of mining ships, and make people less self-sufficient in harvesting their own minerals, forcing them to buy on the market.  That way the game and your decisions become more meaningful.

This all comes from their concern that Veteran players do not cry enough when they lose things.  While that appears true, I am guessing these changes will still make newer players cry more than older ones.  It might be easier if CCP just focused on making veteran players quit.

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