3-4 Days

It turns out CCP provided an answer earlier than announced.

I was listening in to one of the EVE Down Under 2020 sessions before and a new Scope Video was shown. It warned that the gates into the systems lost to the Triglavian’s will likely be shutdown in 3 to 4 days, to protect the rest of the gate network.

I presume that means wormhole only access from then on.

I hope Woollari is still about and updates Dotlan when that happens.

Edit.. and it is up on YouTube now:


News at 18:00

If you have been paying attention to the Agency information you may have noticed that the Triglavians have slacked off on their invasions.

You may also have noticed the new backdrop on the character selection screen.

With great powers of deduction you might have suspected some sort of zenith was approaching. CCP will hopefully be providing an answer at Sunday 11 October at 18:00 UTC.


Overall the Triglavian invasion saw me doing less in game. I moved assets around and sold off lots, but I did not otherwise interact all that much with New Eden. It just wasn’t a mechanism / feature I thought much of. I’ve been waiting for it to finish.

Meanwhile WordPress has forced me to use their new post editor today. I’ve been ignoring it for as long as I could as my early impressions were not good. So far I have found it less intuitive and requiring more clicks to do basic things. Some of this will be overcome once I find where all the little configuration options I use are. Excuse me if this particular post is edited multiple times.