3-4 Days

It turns out CCP provided an answer earlier than announced.

I was listening in to one of the EVE Down Under 2020 sessions before and a new Scope Video was shown. It warned that the gates into the systems lost to the Triglavian’s will likely be shutdown in 3 to 4 days, to protect the rest of the gate network.

I presume that means wormhole only access from then on.

I hope Woollari is still about and updates Dotlan when that happens.

Edit.. and it is up on YouTube now:


3 thoughts on “3-4 Days

    • Because the change of minerals i reactivate my exhumers to mine some items needed for a blueprint. Was attacked by a FOB who appear in front of me. In the last week i was attacked with differents pilots in different systems, by FOB / diamond rats. I assume the number of FOBs risen or more diamond rats scope relative of the distane of the FOB.

      Currently thinking in sell my siex exhumers pilots ( fleet ) and mine instead in procurers, blow it hurt less.

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