Dozens of Jumps too far

The state of Niarja and its 26 lost sister systems has been revealed.  They have all been disconnected from the New Eden Gate network and formed into their own Null Sec type region called Pochven. 

Pochven is owned by the Triglavian Collective and takes the form of a triangle shaped loop.  It has a bunch of unique aspects – visuals, NPCs, Gates and what not.  You can only get in and out of the region via Wormholes and filaments, although I think I read that you cannot use the internal gates if you do not have positive Triglavian standings. 

I was about to say that I am sure all the details will come out soon enough, but that is no longer a given.  In years past almost all the secrets of EVE were a Google search away, but that no longer seems the case.  I was guessing there might be less inclination to share, or more closed groups, or walls put up – but the truth might simply be the information is on Steams and Podcasts, sources I don’t generally bother with given their lack of succinctness.

Worryingly DOTLAN still does not have these map updates.  To get a better lay of the land I printed out all the tactical maps for regions that lost systems, plus everything along the new 45 jump Hi-Sec route between Amarr and Jita.  I dutifully crossed off all the stolen systems.  There were Hi-Sec links lost between Domain and The Citadel, Domain and Bleak Lands, Bleak Lands and Sinq Laison, and a jump from Molden Heath to Etherium Reach.  Inner Region travel was also messed up in several locations.  Depending on where you operate and how much attention you pay, it could have had major impacts on your game, or you might have been able to shrug it off and ignore.

I have spent a lot of time in and around Amarr and its markets these last few months.   The initial vibe I have had of the impact of Niarja’s loss has been a sales boost – possibly as individuals stocked up, and others destocked.  More recently however I’ve antidotally noticed stocks of some supplies had less market orders and less volumes than I would have expected.  Amarr obviously meets a need, but I am not sure it will maintain the stocks required to do so in the medium to long term.

With how I play EVE, I find the Amarr market insufficient, and the location now too far from Jita. 

I have been caravanning in my Exploration Orca around Essence and Genesis, undocked and earning ISK, looking for yet another new home.  I do not like the area as much as Domain, but it is not as annoying as Caldari space. I am fairly sure I have settled on a location but am in no rush to move my remaining assets.

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