Empires of EVE Volume 2

This arrived today.

I supported Andrew Groen’s Kickstarter project back in May 2018.


Andrew did a good job keeping backers informed on what was happening since then, and so far I am pleased with the results.

It seems to read well – although I take a lot of my EVE related knowledge for granted. I am a little suspect of the spine. It creaks and groans as you turn pages, and feels like it might not have enough glue. I will have to see how it stands up over time, but it is not as if I am likely to read through it too many times.

3 thoughts on “Empires of EVE Volume 2

    • I think this landed on the wrong post. I will answer it here anyway.

      Screen use Day to Day: 1st – To-Do list and digital post-it notes, 2nd – Chat (Discord & Messenger), 3rd – Web Browser, 4th – PDFs / File Browser / Files I am working on, 5th – Email / Apps. If I am playing EVE I might have game clients open on a couple screens, dotlan on another, a wiki on another. There are a bunch of common layouts I regularly use. I run a program called WindowManager to automatically resize and move applications to various screens, and an app called BarRaider on my Stream Deck to manually do the same.

      My Wallpaper collection is 20+ years old with 4,000+ images, many downloaded from sites that have come and gone. https://www.deviantart.com/ can be a good source, although it takes time to find something I like in a high enough resolution. Lately I have been using https://www.wallpaperup.com/ and https://unsplash.com/ a bit – the later which has some great drone nature shots. More often though I will see something I like on a desktop or battle station forum thread, and reverse image search on it to find the highest resolution copy available. That can end up in a sort of down the rabbit hole session, leading me to other sites, and other forum threads, and I might end up with half a dozen great images to add to the collection.

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