Presents to myself

We went two months without a locally acquired COVID19 case in our state – but that came to an end yesterday. While it was to be expected, the news felt like a palpable physical hit. Only three of the last nine months have had any semblance of normalcy, and the thought of yet more lockdowns is extremely unpleasant. Now we wait to see if the contract tracing systems have been fixed enough, and how much luck we collectively have, or do not have.

Christmas has come and gone. Presents to myself included another 12 months sub on my main and making use of the discounted 3 Month Sub / 3 Months Multi-Character training bundle CCP has been advertising. I am using the time to flesh out some training on my Alts and complete their move from Domain to Essence to meet back up with my Main account.

Almost all my Pilots have accumulated pools of unallocated Skill Points. None of these were purchased, but all handed out by CCP from free logon, undock and event bonuses. Most have more than 500K, with a couple into the Millions. I am surprised at how impactful these points are. Several Alts ingested a dozen odd skills each, and it took very few points to immediately increase their ranks from 0 to 3.

Once again CCP has provided a mechanism to create a unique video of your 2020 EVE year.

This time you are limited to only one pilot on each account, and a selection of 5 topics out of a dozen or more. I had no issue with generating or downloading the video.

As you might have seen remarked, the statistics do not seem entirely accurate. My main gained 20M Skill points for the year – in the top 4% of players. (That is the consequence of almost always having +5 learning implants in.) I was within the top 6% of players for Stargate Jumps, Systems visited, and warp drive activations. I was in the top 9% of players for time spent in space, and (cough) the top 3% of players for time spent sitting in station. You could be mistaken for thinking I was a particularly active EVE player in 2020 – but you would be wrong.

The second video I generated was for my Industrial Alt on my second account. They gained only 4.2M Skill points for the year – which was in the top 22% of players. They were in the top 27% of players for systems visited – at only 24. They spent only 7 hours in space in 2020 – which was in the top 30% of players.

So – if I was being kind, the statistics suggest 3 pilots per account, with 2 alt pilots rarely being used. As such if you were doing anything with a pilot, they tended to be reported as being in the top 30%. More likely there were a whole heap of pilots considered as active in 2020 that did not play for much of the year.

I find the video an interesting idea – but it brings up more questions than answers.

I did hit an interesting hurdle when trying to ensure my Main account had a years’ worth of training in his skill queue. I have seriously run out of things to train. Every skill I use is at rank 5. I scrounged and added a bunch of skills that I have no interest in and are not likely to ever use. Arguably I should switch training to the Alt on that account – but I am ashamed to admit I like accumulating Skill Points for the sake of a High Skill Point total.

One thought on “Presents to myself

  1. Well… with the changes of taxes in april, an the scarcity in june, practically i do NOTHING except update the queue with my chars, and i got in the top 1% and 2% of travel, production and mining. Inative SEVEN months. By the way my two principal ships were Occator (in my big character because he do some travels to ow sec for a business) and my hauler was a procurer because she use procurer to haul expensive items.

    no much industrial then in movement. I was horrified and scared fot the fact i am top 1% and for a ship destroyed , an ibis, in perimeter for triglavians, ogf a wormhole.That chacater was purchased and i was targeted, scrammed and destroyed in the perimeter jita gate.

    The odd part for me is the trigs are unbeatable in the new quantities.a Wormhole to where you are mining and you are dead.

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