My view as I sat down to start this blog entry last night –

The new monitors arrived early.  I am now running six screens, three 4K and 3 FHD.  Windows and some applications do not handle mixed high resolution displays all that well, so it takes a bit of tweaking to get things to work nicely.

If it is of interest to anyone, I set the 4K screens with 125% scaling, use the NVIDIA Control Panel to align them, DisplayFusion to manage having different backgrounds on some of the screens, Desksoft’s WindowManager to automatically move and resize certain applications, and BarRaider’s Stream Deck Window Mover to manually move and resize certain applications.

I also updated the TV in my study – from the old 32” FHD to a 43” 4K, along with an upgrade to 4K Blu-Ray and a small but effective Bose Soundbar.  The result was better than expected.  I have enjoyed watching the last couple Cricket Tests on it.

A substantial amount of research and patience went these upgrades – comparing, measuring, selecting stands, watching prices, and waiting for sales.  Strangely I have COVID to thank for the upgrades, and the substantial savings made last year on expenses like petrol, tolls, entertainment, and travel.

To juxtapose that story, my mother just came out of the hospital today.  She got a fever, but her doctor refused to see her until she had a COVID test.  By the time that was done and came back negative a few days later her infection had turned into Sepsis.  I do not make light of the impact COVID has.

The new screen setup is a very pleasant and productive place to sit, particularly for running multiple EVE clients.

I noticed this difference between my Omega Accounts:

And the Alpha Account I keep:

It looks like you cannot use a client theme with an Alpha Account.  I would have thought making that limitation would have taken more effort than it was worth.

I really do not have anything to report regards EVE.  I am still logging in most days, but not for long and I am not doing anything of note.  It lets me occasionally have some mindless downtime, and sometimes that is all it needs to do.

3 thoughts on “Six

    • The FHD screens hang off a GTX 1060, the 4K screens a RTX 2060 Super, all using Display Port. I thought I might hit some performance issues but I run a couple 3000×1800 EVE clients or Cyberpunk 2077 without a problem. (The PC is a 3 year old i7-8700K with 32GB RAM and a 1000W PS.) To future proof it a bit against game updates I will look to replace the 1060 with one of the 30 series cards. No rush there though – happy to wait for their drivers to mature more and the demand and prices to settle.

  1. I never thought I’d hear these two disparate ideas joined in one sentence…
    “EVE Online” and “mindless downtime”… =]

    I can say that what I’m doing these days can provide just that. Last night I watched a time lapse vi a player posted. He was out in some remote place on a moon, peacefully standing outside of his ship, just watching the sunrise… and it was stunningly beautiful.

    The closest I ever came to that in EVE was ship spinning inside the forcefield of our POS contemplating the bubblefield and the cold harsh beauty that is also a part of EVE.

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