Sorry February

It has been 7 weeks or so since my last post. I’m not sure there has been a gap that long since I started this blog back in 2011.

I’ve not been playing EVE. CCP put back in that abysmal “feature” of seeing your ship shoot through the warp tunnel. While they have improved it over the first iteration, I still find it an unnecessary, jarring immersion breaker. It irritates me, and leaves me reluctant to log in.

I have at times done the daily login campaign, but I mostly close the client before entering a station. I have not been getting a good return on my two active EVE subscriptions.

I also fell even further behind in my EVE related reading. So what did I miss? Discounting their sale price to Pearl Abyss by 47%, Expert Systems, Skill Point Resurgence, a new quadrant called Reign (is it coming to an end?). Oh CCP, it is like I never left.

My absence from EVE is not all CCP’s fault. My wife has stretched the family schedule to well beyond sanity, and there is little time for EVE. Well – no time at all.

I should write something positive. Umm. The colours on the new monitors are more vibrant than the old – so it gives the EVE login screen a visual boost.

2 thoughts on “Sorry February

  1. FOB less frequent but Trigs in wormholes more frequent. I manage to bring seven people of WOW and friends of Everquest era here, only to lost five of them to trig, killed in ashab, maurasi and perimeter in the same day. I lost a 500million pod in the citadel, in a system was clean ten minutes ago. Other than that, the new package of skill points nobody wants and a pay to rent shcme called expert system.

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